Setting A New Standar ! Roger Holder Wins Pro 275 In Historic 3 Second Field At COVID 8

Orlando Speed World Dragway

Roger Holder Wins Cat. Pro 275 With 3.860@206.42mph Controled By Fueltech USA In The Event Covid 8 At Orlando Speed World Dragway On 05/23/2020

Holder #68 Qualified In Spot #2 With 3.856@206.89mph In Q6 Powered By Fueltech USA

Ziff Hudson Runner Up In Cat. Pro 275 With 4.050@152.85mph , Qualified In Spot #4 With 3.860@202.73mph Controled By Fueltech USA

Mark Micke Set New World Record In Cat. Pro 275 With 3.822@203.65mph In Q6

In This Photo We Captured The Fastest Field In The History Of The Pro 275 Category , All In 3 Second

Craig Sullivan Set World Record In MPH Cat. Pro 275 With 3.897@211.33mph In Q5 , Powered By Fueltech USA

Coverage Thanks To Mike Turbo / TRS Motorsports / Fueltech USA / Gato Performance / Advance Precision Shop