UNSTOPPABLE Marcus Birt Wins Radial Vs The World And Top Qualifier At COVID8

Orlando Speed World Dragway

Marcus Birt 3.565@205.19mph , .897 In The 60′ , 2.372 In The 330′ WINS Cat. Radial Vs The World In The Event COVID 8 , At Orlando Speed World Dragway 05/23/2020

Birt Qualifying In #1 Spot 3.578@205.41mph With Patmusi / Nitrous Engine Combination

Shawn Ayers / Fletcher Cox Runner Up 9.443@60.56mph , 3.63@209mph Best Run Of The Weekend , Controled By Fueltech USA

Brian Markiewics 3.589@205.88 In Q3 , First RVW ProCharger In The 3.5

Jeff Miller / Bumble Bee 3.669@202.29mph New Personal Record in Q4

David Reese 3.592@204.42 New World Record Small Block & First In The 3.5 Q4

Jamie Hancock 3.612@200.92mph New Personal Best In Q5 , Controlled By Fueltech USA

Coverage Thanks To Mike Turbo / TRS Motorsports / Fueltech USA / Gato Performance Inc / Advance Precision Shop